5 Signs That You Require an Emergency Dentist

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What if you witness a dental problem in the middle of the night or when you are on a holiday or the weekend? You will need an emergency dental visit because some dental problems cannot wait. It needs to be treated by an Emergency Dentist Dr. Call in Scottsdale.

What Do Emergency Dentists Do?

Emergency dentists provide speedy relief to help patients in need of immediate oral health care. They are capable of treating all kinds of oral health emergencies allowing 24/7 services. Emergency dentists diagnose and start treatment immediately and do not keep their patients in pain. You can also go through our previous blog on 8 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Emergency Dentist in Scottsdale.

5 Signs That Tell – You Need for an Emergency Dentist in Scottsdale:

Not all dental problems can be considered an emergency, you need to identify the signs that require immediate dental action. They are:

  1. Extreme Pain:This unbearable pain could be caused due to an abscess or exposed nerves. It causes throbbing toothache leading to discomfort in neck, ear, jaw, swelling in the face, fever and sensitivity to temperature and pressure. An exposed nerve due a crown falling out causes severe pain and needs immediate treatment.
  2. Knocked Out Teeth:It can happen while playing a sport, an injury, a fall, biting on very hard food, or any kind of accident. Try to reach the dentist at the earliest. Place the tooth back in the socket. If possible, cleanse it and place it in a small box of milk. The Emergency Dentist Scottsdale will try fixing it back.
  3. Broken and Chipped Tooth:If the damage due to the above problem is big then visit a Dentist Scottsdale instantly. An emergency dentist will fix the damage with a crown, a veneer or a bond.
  4. Aching and Bleeding Gums:They are prone to gum disease. Bleeding gums after flossing would later lead to gingivitis or gum disease. Emergency Dentist Scottsdale will diagnose and treat it.
  5. Sores on Your Tongue or Lips:Stubborn sores which refuse to leave need an emergency dentist. Neglected sores can be diagnosed as cancerous sometimes. But, having a lesion doesn’t mean that you have cancer. A biopsy will be performed to dismiss cancer. After that an intraoral photography will be performed to monitor its growth.
  6. Don’t Ignore the Signs:Ignoring and failing to understand the above-mentioned signs and symptoms will make the emergency problem worse in the future.

Wrapping up:

If you are experiencing any kind of dental emergencies, contact our Emergency Dentist in Scottsdale , by calling us at (480) 443-3552 and schedule an appointment today. You can also run a search with the words: Dentist near me Scottsdale to make an appointment.

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