What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

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If you wish your smile was a little whiter and a little brighter, you most certainly aren’t alone. We are surrounded by images of famous faces all sharing one key attribute – super-bright teeth. Sadly, very few of us have teeth that are naturally white. The yellowing of teeth can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the ageing process, exposure of our teeth to products that stain them such as red wine, coffee and tobacco, decay and erosion of the enamel which shows the darker dentin beneath.

Unfortunately, having teeth that appear yellow can have a significant psychological impact, causing us to feel less attractive than we really are. If you have particularly yellowed teeth you might feel embarrassed or ashamed to share your smile, covering your mouth when you talk or laugh. Not being willing to smile can impact both personal and professional relationships, and you may even miss out on opportunities because you are concerned about the appearance of your smile.

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to live with the effects of discolored teeth. Teeth whitening can help you achieve that lighter, brighter smile that you are longing for.

What does teeth whitening involve?

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive type of cosmetic dentistry that involves placing a bleaching agent on to the teeth. A special light held over your teeth then creates a chemical reaction that whitens the teeth and makes them several shades lighter. Exactly how well your teeth respond to the whitening treatment may vary, and this, combined with the initial color of your smile and the shade that you wish to achieve may affect how many treatments you will require in order to obtain your whiter, brighter teeth.

While there are many products available in grocery stores, over the counter and online that claim to be able to whiten your teeth, professional, in-office teeth whitening is by far considered to deliver the fastest, most effective, consistent and long-lasting results.

Benefits of teeth whitening

While teeth that are whiter and more attractive is the most obvious benefit of teeth whitening, there are other advantages that patients who opt for this cosmetic dentistry treatment can enjoy. Here are some of the most commonly cited benefits of teeth whitening.

Confidence in your smile

Everyone deserves to feel confident, and if the color of your smile had previously gotten you down, whitening can help restore your self-esteem, enabling you to both look and feel fantastic.

A more youthful appearance

Darker, yellower teeth are often associated with people who are older in age. This is because our teeth naturally darken as we get older. They are also more likely to be affected by an accumulation of years of exposure to products that discolour and stain them. When you choose teeth whitening, your smile will help you to look years younger than you really are.

A positive first impression

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression and this opportunity can be vitally important. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, your confidence will shine and help you create the impression of a friendly, open and positive person.

Embrace opportunities

People who are comfortable and confident in their appearance have been shown to be more likely to put themselves forward and step outside of their comfort zone, both in their personal and professional lives. Teeth whitening and its associated benefits could help you achieve a promotion, fulfil a lifelong ambition or secure that special relationship that you have been dreaming of.

Improved oral health

If you take pride in your smile, you are more likely to ensure that you brush and floss regularly as well as attend your scheduled dental appointments. This can help keep your smile and your overall oral health in the best possible condition.

If you are interested in finding out more about teeth whitening, or if you would like to schedule your consultation for this service with our fantastic cosmetic dentistry team, please contact our offices today.

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